Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Tutorial Partisi SDCARD

Sebelum mulai partisi siapin dulu software buat partisinya :

mini partition tool : http://www.mediafire.com/?dicx7xbbpa73mpr

setelah di donlod, install terus masukin sd card ke komputer,. eh ke card redaer maksudnya bir kebaca di komputer,. hehe setelah masukin sd card,

buka software mini partition tool yg tadi.

Install CWM Galaxy y

Tujuan dari tutorial kali ini adalah untuk membackUp firmware original samsung galaxy young kita, agar anda dapat mengembalikan firmware original yang telah di modifikasi menggunakan Costom Rom, nah agar file original samsung kita bisa anda gunakan kembali, kita wajib membackUp firmware kita dengan menggunakan "ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM)" caranya juga mudah, mari kita praktekan.

Ben 10 xenodrome apk


Megabass Android (GingerBread Rom, CM7, ICS, CM9, CM10, Jelly Bean)

Hi all, I just wanna share, This mod can boost system sound to make more powerfull

- MegaBass system with beats, srs and alsa
- Dsp mod and Dolby with more options:
- 1 option in compression
- 1 option bass ( I think you won't use bassoption in MegaBass )
- 4 options in equalizer
- 2 options in loudness
- and 2 options virtual
- More clearly sounds

Battery n Ram saver

They tweak LMK settings(Android's built in task killer) and some kernel settings in order to Increase battery life
These tweaks are made ONLY for Galaxy Y(SGY tweaks only for galaxy y) if TweakZv6 for all android ROOTED

TweaksZV6 & SGY Tweaks UpdateB >> Install Via CWM

DualBoot SGY

this is still alpha release and not fully tested. the idea based on http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1155613 but this is diffrent implementation. i successfully boot using stock rom dxlc1 on internal storage and hybrid 2.1 on sdcard.

instalation :
1. flash kenel using odin (or other method for kernel flashing)
2. make 4 partition in your sdcard 
1st fat-32 for your data
2nd ext3 for system
3rd ext3 for cache
4th ext3 for data
for testing, i use about 300MB for all ext3 partition
3. edit updater-script

Link2sd Extreme

Brower, ane mau sharing trick untuk internal memory ngakada habisnya yg ane dapatkan di group ini dan ane coba jelaskan secara rinci biar mudah di cerna oleh rekan2.
Syarat utama: Rom tdk boleh ada script a2sd (dt),rootexplorer 2.19, install link2sd dan sd sdh di partisi (saranformat ext4).
  1. masuk ke link2sd - akan muncul box untuk mount ext.pilih ext sesuai dengan format yg sdh di create.
  2. restart hh

TouchWiz5 Launcher Galaxy y (CM9)

Here is Guys
Modified Samsung's ofiicial TouchWiz5 Launcher for Galaxy Y

Extract that zip file then Put "SecLauncher2.apk" & "BadgeProvider.apk" files in 'system/app' folder and "libdrawglfunction.so" in 'system/lib' folder and set permissions rw-r-r. Then Reboot
This method also works with other ICS Roms

Jumat, 18 Januari 2013

Easy touch apk

download button Download Easy Touch (iPhone style) 2.0.9g

FlashPlayer galaxy y

Ok... I found this on Galaxy Y United (Previously Galaxy Y Gaming Club) This post (Its kinda old technology), I tried it and it worked for me, Its Adobe Flash Player On ALL BROWSERS, Not just UC! I only tried it on Dolphin though... I've been told this is taken from an XDA post, so, owell... I could'nt find that post anyway, might as well share this to all the new users who never saw that post.

99.99% of the credits goes to the original writer, I just shared this.

Icon Pack For Hyperion 7.x (CusRom Lainnya juga bisa(insyaallah))

Flashable Icon packs for Hyperion 7/7.X


LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j4suu8ozv82knpw/H7MI.zip

Transparent Apps Android

Remix Blue Google Play 3.10.10 (multi dpi hacked,auto market updater disabled,no regional restrictions): Download Blue Google Play 3.10.10


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