Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

TouchWiz5 Launcher Galaxy y (CM9)

Here is Guys
Modified Samsung's ofiicial TouchWiz5 Launcher for Galaxy Y

Extract that zip file then Put "SecLauncher2.apk" & "BadgeProvider.apk" files in 'system/app' folder and "libdrawglfunction.so" in 'system/lib' folder and set permissions rw-r-r. Then Reboot
This method also works with other ICS Roms

Original thread here
Give credits to him

Bt I modified this launcher with the help of that thread specially for small screen devices like galaxy y
So download from it here 

Here is .apk & .lib files
Touchwiz5_4x4 apk and lib.zip


Here is Screenshots
Click image for larger version

Name: Screenshot_2012-12-28-01-19-20.png
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Size: 126.2 KB
ID: 1598207
Click image for larger version

Name: Screenshot_2012-12-28-01-21-30.png
Views: 1095
Size: 122.2 KB
ID: 1598208
Click image for larger version

Name: Screenshot_2012-12-28-00-53-42.png
Views: 1197
Size: 93.0 KB
ID: 1598209
Click image for larger version

Name: Screenshot_2012-12-28-00-42-27.png
Views: 934
Size: 63.9 KB
ID: 1598210
Click image for larger version

Name: Screenshot_2012-12-28-00-43-02.png
Views: 901
Size: 49.1 KB
ID: 1598211

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