Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Megabass Android (GingerBread Rom, CM7, ICS, CM9, CM10, Jelly Bean)

Hi all, I just wanna share, This mod can boost system sound to make more powerfull

- MegaBass system with beats, srs and alsa
- Dsp mod and Dolby with more options:
- 1 option in compression
- 1 option bass ( I think you won't use bassoption in MegaBass )
- 4 options in equalizer
- 2 options in loudness
- and 2 options virtual
- More clearly sounds

- Backup your rom
- Put the file in sdcard
- Go to CWM recovery
- Mount sytem, data, cache and scard
- Instal the file
- Reboot

# Use music player with playback or audio effect option

Happy enjoy new sounds 

Megabass (for Gingerbread ROm n CM7)
Megabass CM9 CM10

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